Okra, also known as “lady’s finger”, or “bamia” is one of the popular nutritious vegetables of North-East African origin. The pods usually gathered while they are green, tender, and at immature stage. The plant is cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate regions around the world for their fibrous fruits or “pods.” Bamia grows best in well-drained and manure rich soil.

Botanically, okra is a perennial flowering plant belongs to the Malvaceae (mallows) family, and named scientifically asAbelmoschus esculentus.

The okra plant bears numerous dark green colored pods measuring about 5-15 cm in length. It takes about 45-60 days to get ready-to-harvest fruits. Internally, the pods feature small, round, mucilaginous white colored seeds.


Health benefits of Okra :

  • Fresh pods are the good source of folates.
  • Immune System
  • The bamia pods are among the very low calorie vegetables.
  • Blood Pressure and Heart Health
  • Digestive Health
  • Improves Heart Health

Facts :